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  • Scream1: hi
    Today at 02:19:25 pm
  • #Mohamed: curt come IG there are something to see
    Today at 01:40:08 pm
  • jack: :fp:
    November 17, 2017, 06:21:16 pm
  • jack: come to server
    November 17, 2017, 06:18:48 pm
  • jack: veer
    November 17, 2017, 06:18:02 pm
  • jack: hi
    November 17, 2017, 06:16:34 pm
  • DarkBlue: wb AUR
    November 17, 2017, 02:43:38 pm
  • DarkBlue: hi all
    November 17, 2017, 02:43:29 pm
  • #Mohamed: this is IP mtasa://
    November 17, 2017, 09:12:08 am
  • #Mohamed: No ..
    November 17, 2017, 09:11:35 am
  • jack: why the server is locked
    November 16, 2017, 10:24:56 pm
  • jack: hi
    November 16, 2017, 10:23:31 pm
  • #Mohamed: hi
    November 16, 2017, 02:36:00 pm
  • StealthGamer: hi
    November 16, 2017, 08:17:07 am
  • Hector: yeh Frenky ?
    November 15, 2017, 10:37:37 pm
  • Frenky: hey sensei
    November 15, 2017, 10:16:41 pm
  • Valdus: yo
    November 15, 2017, 07:50:06 pm
  • AmBrose: YOO
    November 15, 2017, 07:19:48 pm
  • Sensei: yo
    November 15, 2017, 04:03:54 pm
  • Valdus: come ig
    November 15, 2017, 03:42:44 pm

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* Announcements

Saturday, 2017/11/18
- Added a brand new in game settings menu! Check it out by typing /settings. (Curt)
- Fixed a bug on LAW Farm (Law training zone) and added some informations (Frenky)
- Fixed startup resorucce. (Curt)
- From now on, every accepted suggestion will now recieve a reward. (Curt)

Tuesday, 2017/11/14
- Added more jobs around SA and increased their payments (Frenky)
- Re-added /jihad system
- Increased Farmer's payment (around 300k each hour), also you will get 1 score each 5 plants that you will harvest (Frenky - Jewel)

Monday, 2017/11/13
- In game punish logs purged! (Curt - Frenky)
- Added all job's names on the map, so new players can easily find a job (Frenky)
- Added server time cycle. (Curt - KRYPTOMORP)
- Added fast drop for helicopters. When your a pilot/passenger of the helicopter you can drop yourself with a rope by typing this command /helidrop. (Curt - ATHARVA)

Sunday, 2017/11/12
- Updated FCM, TCM, SCM abilities in forum. (Curt)
- Cops can now use tazer at safe zones (Curt - Larry)
- Its officiial! Frenky came back as a owner.
- Improved the system and decreased the timer to 3 seconds on the explosive anti-spam (Curt - Jewel)
- Added LS Turfs for Cops and Robbers.
- Disabled the entire c-bug (Curt)
- Decreased TWS Armour (Curt - ENVY)
- Made shotgun improved fire rate, combat shotgun reduced fire rate and damage, uzi reduced fire rate and damage, m4 reduced fire rate and improved damage, rifle improved fire rate and reduced damage. (Curt - HERRJORSS)
- Weapon skills removed, now all your weapon skills are now fully upgraded. (Curt)
- Improved drug system and removed /takehit, just check the check mark of the drug and it will take it automatically. (Curt)
- Added /criminal. (Curt)
- Fixed fps drops and huge improvements on your fps. (Curt)
- Added voice chat in game (Curt)

Sunday, 2017/10/22
- Our current administration had decided to shutdown AuroraRPG. Read more at

Monday, 2017/09/25
- Forum Fixed. Cause: Forum was down for 13 hours due to our storage was full. (Curt)

Sunday, 2017/09/24
- Las Venturas PD has been revamped (DaJebne & Paschi)
- Static peds and vehicles have been temporarily removed as they may create lag for some players (Dioxide)
- DaJebne has been added as L1 staff (Dioxide & Revan)

Saturday, 2017/09/23
- Forum is now totally fixed. Added IPv6 support into the forum core. (Curt)

Friday, 2017/09/22
- Now you can withdraw VIP Hours at anytime on our Free VIP Generator (Curt)
- Las Venturas Hospital has been revamped (DaJebne & Paschi)
- Added discord channel categories. (Curt)

Thursday, 2017/09/21
- ALL Saints hospital & Jefferson hospital have been reworked (Paschi & Dioxide)
- New grove street map has been introduced in-game (Paschi & Dioxide
- Added a new way to earn free vip hours. Goto (Curt)
- Repair kits can't be abused anymore (Samer)

Wednesday, 2017/09/20
- Gates at airport entrances have been added (Dioxide)
- New Los Santos Police Department map has been added (Pascal & Dioxide)
- Pascal has been promoted to L5 Executive Staff (AUR Head Staff)
- Business panel (F9) information tab is fixed (Samer & Dioxide)
- Forum redirect link on Aurora Shop has been fixed (Curt)
- Database error on the forums has been fixed. (Curt)

Friday, 2017/09/08
- Now you have the ability to driveby as a driver. (Curt - JACKO516)

Sunday, 2017/09/03
- Hex codes no longer work ingame. (Samer)
- Disabled drugs for other rooms and fixed the bug which can give you weed effects even when the weed timer ends/stops. (Samer)
- Added custom blips for used vehicles shop. (Samer)
- Fixed staff members blips appearing even on invisible mode. (Samer)

Saturday, 2017/09/02
- Now you can now receive forum emails. (Curt)

Wednesday, 2017/08/30
- Server maintenance starts at Friday (Sept 1). Around 9AM GMT +8, expected downtime: 2-5 Hours.

Tuesday, 2017/08/29
- Robin has been promoted to L3. Experienced Staff (AUR Head Staffs)

Monday, 2017/08/28
- Added a new CSGO inspired rooms votekick with a 15 minutes cooldown, use /votekick to start the voting, /vote yes and /vote no to vote. Once those who voted yes are more than those who voted no, the player will be kicked back to CnR (Samer).

Sunday, 2017/08/27
- Every 6PM ADT until 4AM ADT or Off Peak Time, you'll receive Aurora Cases. [Off peak time is where player count is low on a certain of time] (Curt)
- Added Aurora Cases. Type /cases to open one up. When you open one up, you'll receive random stuff like VIP hours, drugs, weapons, score, and more. (Anubhav)

Saturday, 2017/08/26
- Forum transfer was successful completed. (Curt)

Friday, 2017/08/25
- Hint: AuroraV (D:1)

Wednesday, 2017/08/23
- Rapp has been added as L0 (Samer I Swear)

Sunday, 2017/08/20
- Restricted SEA Server for only SEA Countries (Curt)
- You can sell your mined materials next to miner job (must have miner job to sell). (Anubhav + Jady + Sandman)

Saturday, 2017/08/19
- Added a server at South East Asia (SEA). For thoses who live at South East Asia, you'll get a lower ping enjoy! (Curt)
- Streaming system (/stream) was updated and fixed (Anubhav + Dioxide)

Friday, 2017/08/18
- Added a new anti-spam system for explosives. (Anubhav)
- Anubhav and Revan have been promoted to L2 Staffs
- Weed effect wears off if you enter a vehicle and turns back on when you leave the vehicle. (Samer)

Thursday, 2017/08/17
- Paramedic/Medic job is now reworked, and works properly. 100$ = 1 HP, thank you Envy and Phantom for helping me test. (Anubhav)
- Repair kits now do not repair a car which is around 95% HP, this is to prevent wasting repair kits, by mistake. (Anubhav + Jady)

Tuesday, 2017/08/15
- Cruise system is now more smooth (Anubhav)

Sunday, 2017/08/13
- Animations system was updated. DX gui added, and an important bug was fixed. (Anubhav)

Friday, 2017/08/11
- Added a new weather system (gui). Use /ws or /weathersys or /weathersystem. (Anubhav)

Thursday, 2017/08/10
- AuroraRPG - EDM Party Invitation has been sent to you! (Management)
- Custom titles window is now more smooth. Filter is added to prevent rule-breaking

Wednesday, 2017/08/09
- You can now use /screenshots which contain saved screenshots from /savess command. It will take sometime for the picture to save, so don't get worried if it does not get saved quickly

Tuesday, 2017/08/08
- Removed drug truck as it was useless and buggy. (Risk)
- Taser has been nerfed and assists are now working. (Risk)

Monday, 2017/08/07
- Added Paint job shader for VIP players only , use /paintjob ID from 1 to 5 to use paintjob and to remove type /removepaintjob to remove it (Nicolas)
- Added a new designed login panel. (Samer)

Sunday, 2017/08/06
- Added an iphone 7 browser to check it use /browser and click on the iphone to close it (Nicolas)
- Anti-dm added. Un-wanted criminals cannot damage cops, and cops cannot damage un-wanted criminals

Saturday, 2017/08/05
- Added a new taser. (Risk)
- Staff members can now warn players instead of the verbals warnings only to make things more clear (Nicolas)

Friday, 2017/08/04
- Fixed The speedcam that it is showing wrong informations about how the system works (Nicolas - Desprado)
- Updated Night weather and changed the Command to /weathers , Staffs are restricted to take the secret bag now (Nicolas)
- Added new sound system with a panel use /wpsound to open it, reloading sound still under maintenance but others work (Nicolas)
- Fixed a problem in the Secret bag that it doesnt appear after 15minutes and fixed the DX texture output (Nicolas)
- Added another bag deliver called the Secret bag, Press F11 and you'll see a pink cup in LV go to it and deliver it to the C icon in LV to gain 18000$ every 15mins!
- Added a cam speed pay, Take a police vehicle from those: 523 or id 598 or id 596 or id 597 or id 599 and press /camspeedon to activate it and make sure you mention a number , Min number is 90 and to make it off use /camspeedoff who goes more than 90km near you he'll pay 3000$ this works for Police officers cars, or you can own a police car and use it too, Also Emergency/government cars won't pay tax when they pass +90km near you (Nicolas)
- Fixed weather panel and made it in a center resolution with all resolutions and added a base info marker for MF base ( Nicolas )
- Added new weather panel to controll your own weather use /weather (Nicolas)
- Added a new trivia system every 10 minutes, the reward varies from $1,000 to $5,000. Use /tnasw to participate.

Thursday, 2017/08/03
- Updated Advertisement system and added for it a box appears with a music for each advert comes (Nicolas - Darhal)
- You can change your sniper view now, Just aim with your sniper and press "F" to change your view (Nicolas Chips)
- Added auto advert system for your group which stays active for 1week and it outputs an advert for you each minutes depends on the offer Also the advert should be applied for it every 1week to re-new it. To request one and for more information check this (Nicolas)

Wednesday, 2017/08/02
- Added another marking system, use /mark "Name" and a little GUI will appear for you and give you the details that you need to go for, to close the GUI use ALT. (Nicolas)
- A new ATM system has been added using a DX interface and giving the ability to send money to offline players using their account names. (Samer)

Tuesday, 2017/08/01
- Added new wheels replacement, Wheels pack now are modded and more representable than the default ones for cars check any mod shop to check the new wheels there are +17 new wheel mod (Nicolas)
- Added new wheels replacement, Wheels pack now are modded and more representable than the default ones for cars check any mod shop to check the new wheels there are +17 new wheel mod. (Nicolas)
- You can check your vehicle name without re-entring it, just press /vehname also the font and the style of showing it has been changed. (Nicolas)

Monday, 2017/07/31
- Zed has been added as L5 (Samer a5ralou)
- Paschi and Phantom have been promoted to L4 (AUR Head Staffs)

Sunday, 2017/07/30
- Anubhav has been added as L1 Staff (AUR Staff team)

Saturday, 2017/07/29
- Dioxide has been promoted to L5.
- Added a new event system (Anubhav)

Friday, 2017/07/28
- Added new DX Stats panel (RISK)

Thursday, 2017/07/27
- Only FCM+ will be able to talk from Discord to the game apply here: (Smiler & Robin & Samer)
- Representatives of San Andreas added. Apply to get to be one of its members! (Anubhav)

Wednesday, 2017/07/26
- Added Youtube BBcode tag to the forum (Smiler)
- Cold has been added as L1 Staff (AUR Staff team)
- Devil has been added as L2 Staff (AUR Staff team)
- Skipper has been added as L2 Staff (AUR Staff team)
- Added new item on our donation shop called "Announce Speech". When you buy the item you can announce your speech and play it to everybody. Want a demo? Type /demospeech (Samer - Curt)
- Added Hydra/Rustler air nuclear bomb, now it can throw a bomb throw pressing "K"button and the cool down is 20 seconds (Nicolas)
- SSG is no longer an official group (AUR Management)
- Added Driver mission, you'll find it in LS you should deliver it to the MD marker to gain the money (Nicolas)

Tuesday, 2017/07/25
- Added new VIP Skins (Smiler)
- Added repair kits. To buy a repair kit, goto the nearest mechanic job. To see the total of your repair kits type /rp. And to repair your vehicle by using your repair kit type /repairkit and click the vehicle that you want to repair. (Anubhav)
- HolyCrap is now an official group ! (AUR Management)
- Your old money are recovered ! (AUR Management)

Monday, 2017/07/24
- Everyone will get back his money in few days ! (AUR Management)
- @everyone Server is migrating to another node to fix the current issue that was stated above. Expect some downtime.

Sunday, 2017/07/23
- Taxi Driver job is reworked, more details will be given in a topic soon (Anubhav)

Saturday, 2017/07/22
- Added weapons sounds use /wsound to enable/disable it (Anubhav & Smiler)
- Now only the driver is able to add neon, passenger is no longer allowed (Nicolas[MF])
- Fixed /updates. (Curt)
- You can change your car plate, without owning it just use /changeplate "text" (Nicolas[MF])
- Added neon system, to view the panel use /neon each neone is for 4000$ and once your car (Nicolas[MF])
- This is a test update.

Monday, 2017/07/17
- Added a new custom titles system, use /ct or /customtitle for more informations. (Anubhav)
- Added a new panel for group managers that blacklists certain players (mainly group hoppers) using their accounts or serials from joining any group. (Samer)
- Added a new vehicles spawners (UNDER TEST), you can test it using the white marker at Grove Street. (Samer)
- Added a panel that shows up when you get deathmatched, if you click on punish then the deathmatch warning will be output to all staff members. (Samer.)

Friday, 2017/07/14
- Prime has been removed from honorable list (Staff Team)

Monday, 2017/07/10
- Added anti-team kill for radio turfs. So it means, criminals cannot now kill each other when they are on radio turfs. (Curt - WitWicKy)

Wednesday, 2017/07/05
- Now Staff team members aren't able to be on duty in minigame rooms (Nixon - Phantom)

Tuesday, 2017/07/04
- ** [Bug Fixes] Now supporters aren't able to warp to the requested help if they are in minigame rooms. (Nixon - Grantsu)
- From now on, Supporters are not able to use /helphim command if they have got 20+ wanted points (Nixon)

Monday, 2017/07/03
- [NEW RULE] 14.A - Bike-turfing is forbidden, you are not allowed to use it to troll other group turfs or you will be punished for 15 minutes. (Nixon)

Sunday, 2017/07/02
- ** [Bug Fixes] Civilian Workers will get a damage when they duel someone from now on (Nixon, Prime and Vandvnal)

Friday, 2017/06/30
- Added custom title for groups and for new players. (Anubhav - Jady + Muller.)

Thursday, 2017/06/29
- You can now read Staff Code of Conduct ingame, do /coc to open/close the panel (Nixon)

Wednesday, 2017/06/28
- Now you will get killed when you are AFK in mini games. (Curt)
- Now you will get killed when your AFK while capturing the city. (Curt)
- ** [Bug Fixes] Now you cannot test a vehicle called Rustler and now it will destroy the vehicle when you get out from the test vehicle. (Curt)

Tuesday, 2017/06/27
- Removed weapon binds. (Curt - Ashford)
- Added a anti-spam for grenades and RPG. (Prime)
- You can now get /stats data by putting player's account name in /stats. (Curt - Müller.)

Sunday, 2017/06/25
- Added a punishment type called "Force Read Rules". (Ashford)
- You will get 200K every 1 hour for 1 day, Happy Eid ! (Smiler)

Saturday, 2017/06/24
- New parachute script added (Nixon)
- Added vehicle spawns in Miner Area. (Curt - None)

Thursday, 2017/06/22
- Added join/left message when joining/leaving the mini games. (Curt)
- Added mini game moderators (MGM). You can now apply as MGM at (Curt - Smiler)
- Now you can use /kill on protected areas. (Curt)

Wednesday, 2017/06/21
- You can now mark players using this command /mark . (Curt - Müller.)
- Re-added Bike, BMX, and Mountain Bike into the bike shops. (Curt - Cyleon)

Tuesday, 2017/06/20
- Added room music to Deathmatch room. For VIPs type /dj. To skip the song type /skip to vote it off. (Curt)
- More strings added on /contribute. Don't forget to contribute translations on /contribute.
- You can now earn criminal points/ranks by doing CnR Events. Check F5. (Curt - Müller.)
- Added userpanel for mini games. Type /userp. (Curt)
- DeathMatch room added, you will find it /room. (Prime)

Monday, 2017/06/19
- Now you can test vehicles from the vehicle shop by double clicking the vehicle list. (Curt - Chokri|B)

Sunday, 2017/06/18
- Our #announcements channel in discord will now receive in game updates. (Curt)
- We are now enforcing the suggestion rules, please read before you suggest anything in that board. (Curt)
- Now each room (DD/Shooter/CSGO/CnR) has now own DJ System. And VIP can now play music in rooms except CnR. For those who are VIP type /dj. Also normal players can skip the music by typing /skip. (Curt)
- LAW members will now get wanted points if they tried to kill un-wanted criminal. (Nixon - Curt)
- Now /stream for VIPs cannot now stream in other dimension. (Curt)

Saturday, 2017/06/17
- You can now contribute/help by translating the words. Check /contribute. (Curt - Dante)
- Added multi-language or translation on the server. (Curt - Dante)
- Lowered the rank points in all civilian jobs. (Curt - littlehobo)
- Now you cannot enter as passenger when the vehicle is damaged or out of fuel. (Curt - Happy`er)

Thursday, 2017/06/15
- Destruction Derby room added, you will find it /room. (Prime)
- Shooter room added, you will find it in /room. Weapons level(Level 1 - 10 = Rocket, Level 10 - 20 = Duel Rocket, Level 20 - 28 = Rocket Burst) (Prime)
- Duel can be now canceled. (Curt - WitWicKy)
- Now you can reply PMs from discord. Type /dre . (Curt - Master|SPF)

Wednesday, 2017/06/14
- Disabled RPGs and Minigun in LV (Curt - Crash♧◇)

Tuesday, 2017/06/13
- ** [Bug Fixes] Fixed HiJack Marker for Law. It was unenterable before now the marker has been moved to a new position. (Curt - SpriN' - QATeam)
- When you craft an armor it will have a freeze time of 5 seconds. (Curt - 181שָׁלוֹם)

Monday, 2017/06/12
- Deathmatch rule is added back (Nixon - Curt)

Sunday, 2017/06/11
- Taxes decreased to 1.2% (Nixon - Curt)

Friday, 2017/06/09
- Added taxes. Today's tax percentage is 2%. The affect services are ammunation, vehicle shops, convenience store, repair shops, mod shops, drugs shop, deposit cash, money transfer, fuel, and more. (Head Staff)
- ** [Bug Fixes] Gym interfaces appears when you hit the marker while above in the air. Now its fixed. (Curt - 181שָׁלוֹם - QATeam)
- ** [Bug Fixes] Fixed a bug when you spectate a vehicle in F3 while as a cop. (Curt - littlehobo - QATeam)
- ** [Bug Fixes] Fixed jail escape. The problem was syntax error, in other term mistakenly spelled the wrong word. (Curt - Aizen - QATeam)
- ** [Bug Fixes] When your in water and the F2 interface is still shown, and this results you can't close it. Now you can now close the F2 interface when your in the water (Curt - 181שָׁלוֹם - QATeam)
- ** Made weapon binds client sided instead of server sided. (Curt - 181שָׁלוֹם - QATeam)
- Added group tags. Type /grouptags, only Manager, Deputy Leader and Leader can access the system. (Curt - HyperX)

Thursday, 2017/06/08
- ** [Bug Fixes] Fixed /punishments for appearing account punishments as serial punishments and vise versa. Fixed slap/frozen punishments and added a text if the slap/frozen punishment is serial or account logs. (Curt - Larry - QATeam)
- ** [Bug Fixes] Now when player is glued to the vehicle and then you recovered it, the player will be unglued. (Curt - Jewel)

Wednesday, 2017/06/07
- Forum theme changed to newbalance (Nixon - Curt)
- When you killed a cop, your criminal group will earn group XPs. (Curt - Aizen)
- Added taxi introductions by Joseph & criminal introduction by Jady. Type /tutorial to view it.

Tuesday, 2017/06/06
- Jailbreaks has now a cooldown per player. You can escape the prison per 2 hours. (Curt - mthn06)

Monday, 2017/06/05
- Added static peds, vehicles and a panel for groups informations (Nicolas and Prime)

Saturday, 2017/06/03
- Added bridges for shortcut ways and new mapped LV toll has been added. (Nixon)

Friday, 2017/06/02
- Staff logs are now defined by lines. Database is now connected to the new staff logs pages. (Nixon - Curt)
- **Fixed a bug when your muted and you can change your name by using hexcode. [S: Added a line that detects if the player is muted on the anti hexcode script] (Curt - Aizen - QATeam)
- Top arrests, kills, cash and bank money pages icons are fixed now. (Nixon)

Thursday, 2017/06/01
- Now you can't escape the prison when you got admin jailed. (Curt)

Wednesday, 2017/05/31
- Anti-Cheat for trade system & craft system has been improved. (Curt - DaNGeR)

Monday, 2017/05/29
- Re-enabled the ban screen & implemented it. (Curt)
- Added hourly/daily/monthly player count graph & unique player count graph. See the graph at (Curt)
- Disabled in game ambient sounds. (Curt)

Thursday, 2017/05/25
- Added a new security type called two factor authentication in game, this doubles the security on your account. Type /2fa to learn more. (Curt)

Wednesday, 2017/05/24
- Added a zone for houses in Flint Country (Smiler - Nixon)
- Added prison break. You can break prison by entering the marker inside of the prison. (Curt- ZaTomu)
- Now Police chiefs can add barriers (Curt - Hector)
- **Fixed a bug when you go to police employment, and move the cursor in the gridlist and the skin list doesnt get updated and take the job. [S: Made a pernament variable for client side, so the skin and job name wont be messed up] (Curt - Nixon)
- **Fixed a bug when you arrest a player, and the vehicle it self became damage proof. [S: Removed some lines in anti damage vehicle] (Curt - Nixon)

Tuesday, 2017/05/23
- Added more houses around SA (Nixon & Smiler)

Monday, 2017/05/22
- Government job requirments fixed (Nixon)
- Aurora Shoutbox has been removed until we make another version with improved settings

Sunday, 2017/05/21
- To recover your group exp/bank/etc. Request a recovery here at

Saturday, 2017/05/20
- **Fixed bug, when you start a Muscle Buidler in LS Gym and it goes to another dimension and wrong rotation of the player. [S: Removed another dimension and set the rotation to the right way] (Curt - Jizzy - QATeam)
- **Fixed bug at ammunation training course markers. [S: Added z limit] (Curt - 181שָׁלוֹם - QATeam)
- Added report system. Type /report to report a player. To make a screenshot report, type /rsc to make a screenshot then type /report. (Curt - Galaxy)

Thursday, 2017/05/11
- Added an introduction. Type /tutorial to see it. (Curt - YassineGamer)

Wednesday, 2017/05/10
- Added law farm, enter the marker and you will be teleported to another dimension, use /cv vehicleName to create a vehicle. (Swagy)
- Disabled bleeding system for several complaints. (Smiler - Swagy)

Tuesday, 2017/05/02
- Added bleeding system, to stop bleeding use /bandage or craft a bandage using /craft, in order to get Alcool work as Medic and Cotton Pads can be bought from 24/7, You can bleed only once per 13minutes (Swagy - Smiler)
- Added Medic job missions, you can now get Alcool to craft bandages using /craft (Swagy - Smiler)

Monday, 2017/05/01
- Added Postman Job, you can deliver letters to get money, it's located in SF (Swagy - Smiler)

Sunday, 2017/04/30
- Added deBranded Vehicles, soon you'll be able to request your deBranded vehicle texture ! (Swagy - Smiler)

Thursday, 2017/04/27
- Developers server created (Nixon - Curt)
- Added pizza job. Located at SF (Curt - Happy`er)
- Server is up and running at MTASA version 1.5.4

Wednesday, 2017/04/26
- Fixed an abusable money bug (Nixon - Swagy)

Tuesday, 2017/04/25
- Now Military Forces & SWAT can now respawn at their base when your off duty or other jobs that you taken. (Curt - Sia)
- Added helmet. You can buy them at 24/7 Stores. You can also disable them at phone settings. (Curt - Chokri|B)
- Fixed some abusable maps bug (Nixon)

Sunday, 2017/04/23
- Replaced Skin mods with deBranded skin textures (Curt - Swagy - Smiler)
- Added cinema access list. Apply at (Curt - Diamond)
- Nixon has now ownership privileges of AuroraRPG Server. (Frenky & Staff Management)
- Now VIPs can use /stream but if you troll with that command then you'll be punished. (Curt - ㄉㄞㄓㄔ)
- Improved mechanic job by adding mission like towing a vehicle, this requires that you have a towtruck. (Curt - Anubhav.)
- Added legal race, 3 or more players can join. Also type /racetime to know the status of the legal race. (Curt - Shirvo)
- LSD effect is now every 5 seconds, 3 HP will be given to you. (Curt - None - Jady)
- Now if you kicked a offline group member. They will get notified that they got kicked when they logged in. (Curt - Sia)

Saturday, 2017/04/22
- Fixed mention @name (guest)

Friday, 2017/04/21
- Added grenade launcher. Get an AK-47 or M4 and aim and then press E to launch the grenade. The grenade launcher will consume your grenade ammo. The grenade ammo consumption is 8 and 8 seconds too for the cooldown. (Curt - Swagy ~ funstein)
- Pilot job ranks is now calculated per distance. (Curt - Anubhav)

Thursday, 2017/04/20
- Now you can customize your own player skin by going to (Curt - Swagy - Smiler)

Wednesday, 2017/04/19
- Updated Aurora donation system. We now accept SMS and PayPal. When you successfully purchased a product, it will automatically will add it in game. Also now you can purchase any VIP Hours too. Visit: (Curt)

Tuesday, 2017/04/18
- Now civilians without a wanted points and not in LV will not take damage if they got shot by a player. (Curt - Striker)
- Updated Diver's Job payout. (Curt - Anubhav.)

Sunday, 2017/04/16
- We are sorry for that unexpected shutdown. Someone our server provider has successfully migrated our server to the new server node in France.

Saturday, 2017/04/15
- Added /weaponmods. Post your weapon mods at (Curt - Vedastus)
- Added a time limit on ATM Robbery. (Curt - Anubhav)

Friday, 2017/04/14
- Added criminal events information in F5 for Criminals (Curt - Smiler - Anubhav.)
- Updated taxi driver ranks and its payment (Curt - Anubhav.)
- Added a miner job location in phone (N) > GPS (Curt - Anubhav)
- Fixed being able to get x3 marker capture reward in CTC event, and increased timer of capturing a marker to 40 seconds (Swagy - Paschi - Jady)

Thursday, 2017/04/13
- Added special sale for vip, its price has been decreased by 50% and added more features (Frenky - Curt - Khan)
- Added police maverick for cops and armed helicopters for official law groups at LSPD. (Curt - Striker)
- Now cops cannot use /vipjetpack when there's nearby wanted criminal. (Curt - Jady#xoxo)
- Fixed nametag not being changed when you change your name (Swagy)

Wednesday, 2017/04/12
- Good news: Just only 1-10 minutes downtime -Server Host
- Made a topic so groups will now be able to request official group status check (Smiler - Khan)
- Added a board for Official groups (Smiler-Khan)
- Now when players sell their vehicles they will get 90% of the original price. (Curt - Jady#xoxo)
- Now the cops or the government can now use the hijack system (Curt - Jady#xoxo)
- Fixed /engine, now you cannot spam the /engine command. (Curt)
- Now civilian groups can now earn Group XPs from any civilian jobs (Curt - Anubhav.)
- Added Capture The City event : You have to capture 5 Markers to get the city (Swagy - Smiler)
- Added free vehicles at Angel Pine and Las Payasadas (Curt - Anubhav.)

Tuesday, 2017/04/11
- Now when cops die in LV, instead of respawning to the nearest turf, they will just spawn in LVPD. (Curt - 300~DaNGeR|>Boss)
- Added /sendviphours . Now you can transfer VIP hours to another player. (Curt - chokri#SPF)
- Farmer can now plant 30 plants. (Curt - Smiler)
- Farmer can now get herbs when you harvest the plants. The usage for herbs will coming soon. (Curt - Smiler)
- Added miner rank and points in /stats. (Curt - Anubhav.)
- Updated server commands in F1 Extensive Documentation (Curt)
- Increased the payment of store robberies (Curt, Jewel)
- Increased the payment of medic job. (Curt)
- Fixed medic job, when you enter a ambulance with a medic (driver seat) then it will heal you. (Curt)
- Added group leader chat. Type /glc . Only restricted to Manager and above. (Curt)

Monday, 2017/04/10
- Added option to enable / disable vip car mod on phone N > settings (Echo)
- Added back supporters (AUR Management)
- Fixed an exploit in miner job when you can use jetpack while planting a bomb. (Curt)
- Added craft items in Trading System (F10). (Curt)
- Improved farmer job. Now you can buy unlimited seeds also now it saves it in /craft. Also we decrease the timer to plant the seeds. And finally increased the payment. (Curt, iAssassin)
- Increased the payment of Trucker Job (Curt, Jewel, iAssassin)
- Fixed vehicle shop. Bug - Cannot buy a vehicle. (Curt)
- Fixed updates. Check /updates for latest updates (Curt)
- Added ATM Hacking. Criminals can now hack ATMs. (Curt)
- Added /groupnote, Manager, Deputy Leader and Group Leader can only change the group note. To disable groupnote type /groupnote disable. (Curt)
- Added /atm for VIP Players (Curt)

Sunday, 2017/04/09
- New IRC Server IP: or
- Added /vipjetpack. You can bind it by typing /bind vipjetpack (Curt)
- Fixed forum (Curt)
- New Server IP: mtasa:// or mtasa://
- Updated server with new powerful host, you will be redirected if you connected to old server IP (AUR Management)
- Fixed convenience store or 24/7 store when you can buy a negative quantity. (Curt)
- Fixed /craft when you can buy a negative quantity. (Curt)

Saturday, 2017/04/08
- Every 30 minutes working you will receive a bonus payment from any civilian jobs (Curt)
- Removed 50k for using jihad command (Curt)
- Added sanchez to miner's spawner (Curt)
- Now you cannot deathmatch on Hunter Quarry/Mining Area (Curt)
- Added discord commands in #echo. Discord Invitation Link: (Curt)

Wednesday, 2017/04/05
- Law will take $150,000 from taking LV once each 2 hours (NO more abusing)
- Added armor and renamed the items in /craft (Curt)
Monday, 2017/04/03
- Added top cop event, /copevent to join it (Curt)
- Improved mp5,rifle,m4 and ak-47 damage and accuracy, added back dual sawn-off with less damage (Frenky)

Sunday, 2017/04/02
- Added new custom forum portal (Curt)
- Enabled http-resources for faster downloads IG (Curt, Frenky)
- Improved forum stability, fixed some exploits in add updates (Curt)

Saturday, 2017/04/01
- Added new convenience store or 24/7 store. Now they sell items from /craft and more. Use code NEW for 50% off. (Curt)
- Increased business slots (Jewel)

Friday, 2017/03/31
- Fixed miner job due to a bug when your in a vehicle then you can still mine. (Curt)
- Added Achievement System. Type /achievements to view your achievements. (Curt)
- Fixed miner job and crafting system due to the ranks/data doesn't get save to your account. (Curt)
- You can bind vip jetpack by doing /bind key jetpack (Frenky)

Thursday, 2017/03/30
- Added crafting system. Type /craft to open the interface. Please suggest an items or recipes for the crafting system at (Curt)
- Added Miner Job. Job Location: Hunter Quarry (Curt)
- Changed vip car mod and improved its handling (Frenky)

Wednesday, 2017/03/29
- Added discord echo bot. Now our discord server can now receive in game chats. (Curt)
- Added cinema. Cinema is located at the "C" Blip at LS (Curt)
- Added illegal race. Type /iracetime to know the race status. (Curt)

Tuesday, 2017/03/28
- Added /leavedm command to leave dm area, it won't work if your hp is low to prevent avoiding (Frenky)

Monday, 2017/03/27
- Added dynamic weathering system. Type /dynamicweather to enable it. Also added /sunny,/rainy,/foggy,/sandstorm commands. (Curt)

Thursday, 2017/03/23
- Fixed Aurora Stats in forum - Top 30 kills..ecc (Frenky)
- Forum: Added [youtube] link [/youtube] code for posts (Frenky)
- Forum: Removed "Help" option since it doesn't help at all (Frenky)

Wednesday, 2017/03/22
- Forum: Added epic profile summary (Frenky)
- Forum: Edited avatars and boards style, added custom notification once somebody replies to your topics or send to you a message (Frenky)

Tuesday, 2017/03/14
- Disabled RPG,nades,satchels in Armor delivery zone (Echo)
- Suggestions board has been opened (Khan)
- Removed old bans except for yazn (Khan)
- Edited free vehicle spawners with new system V2 and better vehicles (Frenky)
- Added special box /bx2 (Echo)

Monday, 2017/03/13
- Forum has been updated with custom design (Frenky)
- Once LAW team neutralized LV they will get a reward and all criminals will get 100 wp for not defending LV (Echo)

Saturday, 2017/03/11
- Edited criminal's vehicles spawners with better vehicles (Frenky)
- Turfing payout system > Each 10 minutes you will earn money for your taken turfs / online members . Turf capture reward is now 1k have fun in wars for the money :) (Echo)

Friday, 2017/03/10
- Special base has been added (;topicseen#new) (Khan)

Thursday, 2017/03/09
- Casino Wars Event /cwtime Teams War 4 players required in each team to start (Echo)

Monday, 2017/03/06
- You will get 50k each hour IG for 7 days (Khan)

Tuesday, 2017/02/14
- Added new login system (Echo)

Friday, 2017/02/10
- Added /vehmods for add vehicle's mod (Frenky)

Sunday, 2017/02/05
- Fixed a bug in TWS mode (The winter soldier) (Echo)
- Fixed a bug in lv dm area respawn (Echo)
- Topcriminal event is dayly now (Echo)

Saturday, 2017/02/04
- Added notifications on player's login and quit (Frenky)
- Added the winter soldier mode for donors, it's an armor that takes less damage from weapons
- Added /drivetype awd, fwd, rwd commands to change your vehicle's drive type
- Respawn to hospital yard by pressing F while you are inside the hospital (Incase you were falling due mismatch stream of objects)

Tuesday, 2017/01/31
- Protect the President from V2 have been added (Criminals blow the truck to win & Cops deliver it to W zone)
- Fixed a bug in LV PD vehicle shop

Monday, 2017/01/30
- Interior's mod from v2 have been added

Sunday, 2017/01/29
- Hostage rescue is now available to all cops, and its timer is decreased from 2 hours to 1

Saturday, 2017/01/28
- You will get 50k each hour IG for 10 days, total 12,000,000$
- Added the new modshop for vehicles

Thursday, 2017/01/26
- added new modded hud note N > Settings > Modded hud (To toggle the new hud)
- Added new vehicle hud

Saturday, 2017/01/21
- minigames time is decreased to each 3 mins
- Removed 500k for make a group
- You get drugs for each kill in drug farm area

Friday, 2017/01/20
- DM area from v2 has been added near LV Hosp, where you can get drugs for each kill

Wednesday, 2017/01/18
- Updated forum version to 2.0.13
Friday, 2017/01/06
- Noki is no longer honorble in this community (Darkness)
- Added /prestimer command to check president escort time (Samer)
- Added /prestimer command to check president escort time (Samer)

Thursday, 2017/01/05
- Fixed a bug in armor delivery (Samer)
- Fixed server state on forum (Frenky)
- Cold has been added as trial staff (Smiler)
- Ege has been kicked as trial staff (Smiler)
- Fixed a bug in medic job (Samer)
- Added countdown for V2 release date (Frenky)
- Fixed special box bug (Soap)
- Added group's bank balance (Soap)

Wednesday, 2017/01/04
- Improved premium system with more features (Soap)

Tuesday, 2017/01/03
- Lee has been added as trial staff for 1 week (Frenky)
- Scoreboard now gets player's nametag color instead of team's color (Samer)
- /viewdistance and /togglemyhud are now saving once you disconnect/reconnect (Samer)
- Fixed a bug in BR (Samer)
- Fixed a bug in Medicine rob (Samer)
- Fixed 2 jail bugs (Samer)
- Disabled explosives in interiors (Samer)
- Fixed a bug in hostage rescue (Samer)

Sunday, 2017/01/01
- Fixed a bug in fisherman job (Samer)
- Added hitme system (Samer)
- Added cruising system (Cold)
- Added new peak system (Samer)
- Implemented Hostage rescue, now all cops can join the event (Samer)
- Decreased dual Sawn-off damage (Samer)
- Fixed an abusable bug in cop's radar (Samer)
- Crash in added as trial staff for 1 week( under test)
- Smiler is promoted to L5. Samer -> L3 (Darkness)
Saturday, 2016/12/31
- Edited Pharmacy shop and its prices (Samer and Frenky)
- Improved medicine robbery event, (MC blip) /medrob for info (Samer)
- If cops own WH, criminals will get 4WL for taking 1 turf. iI crims own it they won't be jailed (Samer)
- Added Ray as L1 staff. (Darkness)

Friday, 2016/12/30
- Added /jihad command to make an explosion on your position (Samer)
- Edited the slut event, you have 50% to get 200 HP or she will have aids and kill you (Samer)
- Added quarry miner job (Soap)
- Added armor delivery event (Frenky and Samer)
- Abilities will be saved once you reconnect or change room (Samer)
- Joseph has been added as L3.loyal stafff (Darkness)
- Jady is added as L1.Trial staff (Darkness)
- Adding / kicking / demoting / promoting any staff will be added in the updates list (Darkness)
- Added [BOSS] and [PCHIEF] tags on Team chats (Samer)
- Fixed a bug that allows players to take all job's vehicles (Samer)
- Fixed a bug in premium vehicle (Samer)
- Added a timer on WH event markers (Samer)
- Added back bind for veh. panel in F7 (Samer)

Thursday, 2016/12/29
- Improved White House system (Jail doors event) with informations, a new location in LS (W) Blip (Samer and Frenky)
- Improved LS Game event marker with informations, a better location (nearest LS Hosp) and with a blip (skull blip) (Samer and Frenky)
Wednesday, 2016/12/28
- Added auto-save for criminal skills (Samer)
- You can't use satchel detonator while tazed (Samer)
- You can no longer use cop radar /rd while in a vehicle, neither enter it (Samer)
Tuesday, 2016/12/27
- Added criminal investigation missions for cops,mf and swat (Samer and Frenky)
- Re-added /lotto numbers from 1-30 (Darkness)
- Re-added weather command /weather 0-53 (Frenky)
- Re-added math tasks (Frenky)
- Disabled Specialbox for players with 600+ ping (Samer)
- Added /takespecial parachute/dildo/camera command (Samer)
- Added /togglemyhud command to change the hud (Samer)

Monday, 2016/12/26
- You can bind weapons with /bind key slot 2-3-4-5-6-7-8 (Soap)
- Added Job,Drugs,Medicines and Group binds in F2,F3,F4,F6 (Soap)
- Added /payfine for players with 2WP (Samer)
- Added auto-jail if you're lagging while arrested (Soap)
- Added spawn/despawn option back for vehicles (Soap)
- Added global music for staffs, /muteaudio for stop the music (Samer)
- Decreased explosives prices (Frenky)
- Decreased prices for vehicle custom (Frenky)
- Fixed superman for staffs (Frenky)
- Fixed specialboxes, as it won't open when you're not in CnR or when you have >25% packet loss (Samer and Soap)
- Fixed some bases and added their requests (Samer and Smiler)
- Added anti-lag system (Soap)

Sunday, 2016/12/25
- Fixed game state in forum (Darkness)

Wednesday, 2016/12/21
- Added more 2 hours to the countdown of version 2 (Darkness)

Saturday, 2016/12/17
- Added V2 countdown timer in the forum (Darkness)

Friday, 2016/12/16
- Added AUR Flags in Aurora Stats (left) (Darkness)

Wednesday, 2016/12/14
- Added NGC ~ CSG tag in the server name (Darkness and Epozide)

Tuesday, 2016/12/13
- There are 62 countries can use Mobile Payments, 33 countries under approval (Darkness)
- Forum is fixed (Darkness)

Sunday, 2016/12/11
- Added Mobile Payments for 96 countries!! (Darkness)

Saturday, 2016/12/10
- Added a box to write your account name once you donate, so you will get your VIP automatic after adding your account name! (Darkness)
- Added Social Media Icons to profiles such as: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter..etc (Darkness)
- Added PM Notification Bar, when you have a new message it'll appear in the portal (Darkness)
- Snow added and can be toggled by /snow and /groundsnow

Friday, 2016/12/09
- Frenky is Co-Owner now (Darkness)

Wednesday, 2016/12/07
- X-mas theme removed (bugged), will be added again after we fix the bugs (Darkness)

Tuesday, 2016/12/06
- Changed forum theme to x-mas (Darkness)
- Added Christmas trees around SA (Frenky)
- Fixed online web scoreboard (Darkness)
- Changed forum logo to christmas logo (AuroraRPG logo), it will take time to effect on your computer (Darkness)

Sunday, 2016/12/04
- Added discord state in the portal (Darkness)

Saturday, 2016/12/03
- Added a Discord server for Aurora: (Smiler & Curt)
- Added a Quick Search in the forum portal (Darkness)
- Added snow in the forum (Darkness)

Monday, 2016/11/28
- Fixed many map bugs around SA (Smiler)

Sunday, 2016/11/27
- Old VIP hours prices are back like old (Darkness)

Saturday, 2016/11/26
- /convertaps is back for one day, dont forget to convert your aps! (Darkness and Echo)

Friday, 2016/11/25
- Added Aurora Suggestions last topics in the portal! (Darkness)
- Added anti-bot spam in forum to avoid BOTS spamming, (Darkness)
- You can buy VIP hours for a great price (90% OFF), (Black Friday). 25/11/2016 to 26/11/2016, don't waste this chance! (Darkness)

Thursday, 2016/11/24
- Satchel/Nade will be taken within the anti spam timer to prevent MTA bug (client mismatch) Preacher

Wednesday, 2016/11/23
- Topic rating bar is added in all topics! (Darkness)
- Added rating system for posts, stars from 0 - 5! (Darkness)
- Added Go Up and Go Down in forum! (Darkness)
- /convertaps will be added back for one day, so if you have APS you can convert them. (Darkness)
- Fixed forum background, it will take a while to show for everyone. (Darkness)
- Anti spam for satchels,grenade,teargas 3 seconds

Monday, 2016/11/21
- mapped a new place for criminal job, and criminal job location has been changed. (Beast)

Sunday, 2016/11/20
- Added Official radio for Aurora and more other stations (Curt,Smiler) N>Radio>Aurora station

Thursday, 2016/11/17
- 24 hours of VIP as a reward for TopCriminal
- APS is no longer activated and replaced with VIP system

Wednesday, 2016/11/16
- Added objects spawner to event manager system

Tuesday, 2016/11/15
- Admin Event system > Added weapons rules , Fire/Aim Options to enable/disable, Blowing vehicles, Fixing vehicles,Eject system (incase BR event host to prevent players die after the event finish)

Sunday, 2016/11/13
- Sawn-off damage -2 of the original value (Decreased damage)
- Changed sawn-off accuracy (Abit smaller)
- You will be respawned to nearest hospital of (the last city you were in) instead of interior door when wasted/quit
- Fixed SkyGradient for night mode
- Law barriers will be damaged if you hit them with a vehicle (You need to drive fast and pass through it)
- You can now request a restricted area function for your base (level 3 required) check groups board for more information
- Dealer thief : You can find him in Hospitals zone > Exchange the points you earn from robbing house for drugs and money
- Enter any house > don't make noises while you're inside > search for objects to rob (Red arrow) > Hit the arrow and press H to progress your robbery
- Thief (House robbery job) take the job from any criminal jobs position

Tuesday, 2016/11/08
- Added analaysis theme in forum (Darkness and Viva)

Sunday, 2016/11/06
- Range Unit/Assassin skills: Its now working depends on target health (150 health damage loss 50,70) (Above 50-150 health damage loss 30,50) (Less than 50 direct kill)

Saturday, 2016/11/05
- Spawn vehicle panel will be removed when you die
- After 10 players join TopCriminal there will be 20 seconds timer to start incase another players want to join
- Fixed TopCriminal join command
- If you were a law member and you didn't get your nightstick (just scroll your weapons) to get it

Friday, 2016/11/04
- Fixed arrest timer inside hospital interior
- Fixed Pilot planes levels
- SWAT are no longer DM other Law members
- Added Advanced Anti DM system and removed the old useless system
- Added new map for TopCriminal event

Thursday, 2016/11/03
- You can put your own theme (NewBalance, Gaming Nation, SMF default). (Darkness)
- Every one hour you will get 100k, this will stay for 10days.! (Darkness)
- Added a new our own new theme in forum, special thanks for viva. (Darkness and Viva)
- Fixed mention members in forum and online players. (Darkness)

Wednesday, 2016/11/02
- Removed Aurora Congress from the forum. (Darkness)
- Fixed Aurora stats in forum (Darkness)

Tuesday, 2016/11/01
- Removed Halloween logo and added the old one (You will not see this right now, it will take some hours to appear)! (Darkness)
- Forum has been fixed. (Darkness)
Wednesday, 2016/10/26
- Added Server state instead of game-stats since it's bugged. (Darkness)
- Fixed Online Players in game. (Darkness)
- Added /hitme amount, works only when there are 30 players in game and if you leave LV then you will lose! (Samer)
- Fixed adding updates in game! (Darkness)
- No need to wait 3days to appeal your punishment, you can appeal it in the same day when you got it. (Dark and Niblood)

Tuesday, 2016/10/25
- Added fuel blips. (Darkness)

Monday, 2016/10/24
- Added /lotto number again! (Darkness)
- Added Facebook icon page on the upper right at our website. (Darkness)
- Added auto refresh for who is online in forum per 1 seconds. (Users Online). (Darkness)
- Added simple image upload, to upload any image you will not need to upload it in imgur or anything. check this screenshot for more information. (Darkness)

Saturday, 2016/10/22
- Parkour, NRG-500 map event is fixed. (Darkness)
- Fixed Young Poster forum plate (Darkness)

Friday, 2016/10/21
- Removed "Force To Read Rules" button and added "Reconnect Player" button again, L3+ can warp players to him! (Darkness)
- Suggestions board has been opened again! (Darkness)
- You will hear the SMS ring when someone sms you! (Darkness)
- Name of suggestion creator or bug reported will be added beside developer when reporting or suggesting implemented thing (Darkness)

Thursday, 2016/10/20
- Added gifts for halloween, every one hour you will get 100k, this will stay for 3days
- Added new logo in forum (Halloween)

Saturday, 2016/10/15
- (Civilian job) Diver added (Near angel pine) with promotion , oxygen, models
- You are no longer grap to heli while you are holding the armor
- [Bug fixed ] Mechanic is no longer fixing the vehicle while he is inside it

Friday, 2016/10/14
- Fixed staff's rank names in game
- Forum plates for regular members (young poster, senior, elite, ace, diamond, sage) has been changed !
- Added flags in forum, !

Thursday, 2016/10/13
- Criminals groups can spawn vehicle from (bases spawners) while they have less than (200 WP)
- Added back /eject * or Name
- +3 wanted stars players are able to join mini games/Admin event if there is no cop within the distance
- You are no longer losing KDR when you die by Admin event system
- Added back police maverick with opened room (You can Jump inside it)
- Returned Barriers inventory (Cone,Stinger..etc) for Government vehicles
- Arrested players will be marked as Orange star blip and Red star blip for others (Not arrested)
- Added last location for wanted criminal when he enter a store (Police computer F5)

Wednesday, 2016/10/12
- Arrest timer is now by the distance between the cop and the PD
- Far distance for auto jail is now 10 between the criminal and the cop instead of 7 ...
- Added 5 seconds escape timer will be activated if you were released due arrest timer (Cop can't arrest you if you just escaped) .
- Hijack for criminals & escort stolen vehicles for LAW (C blip in LS and deliver it to CUP blip on the map) money depends on players online
- (BUG FIXED) You are no longer dive in water with unlimited oxygen after you reconnect
- Added Andromada for L7 rank for pilot job
- You will unlock new plane when you reach a new rank in Pilot job

Tuesday, 2016/10/11
- Trucker (Civilian job) added vehicle spawners system depends on your rank (L1-L3 Linerunner) (L3-L5 Tanker) (L5-L7 Roadtrain)
- Worker payment added beside job payment (worker payment depends on job rank check F5 for more information about your job (Civilians)
- New lumberjack job with new weapon (axe) instead of chainsaw
- New Promotion system for civlians jobs F5

Saturday, 2016/10/08
- criminal invistigation mission reward depends on Government unit (FBI,NSA..etc) higher will lead into a higher reward
- Added new mini event for Government (Only Gov) criminal invistigation located in LS

Friday, 2016/10/07
- Added animate to interiors arrow markers
- Updated mystery van (50 hits of all drugs kinds,20-30k money +3-5 scores) 30 minutes cool down
- Added automatic search system for ATM blips (Nearest) to disable it N>Settings>ATM Blips
- Billboards over SA (You can disable it by >N > Settings > Billboards [Huds settings group]
- If your group type (law) then you will not be able to get XP from criminals activity else is right same as criminals group type (You have to be in Law teams if your group type is Law same as criminals)..
- Group xp (Xp earned by events for info about group XP and required xp and money to upgrade your group check F6 >Settings> View Exp & Level info))
- Group XP & Group level added in F6

Thursday, 2016/10/06
- The Armor (Flag event) is now for criminals team only!!
- Added new button in Phone settings to disable Ally blips
- Added back custom group blips (Old group blips > N > Settings > Old group/ally blips)
- Added last 10 seconds damage system to safe zones (You will be able to get damaged when you enter safe zone while being damaged by another player)
- Fixed APS client lag spam when player join the server
- Added business panel as was requested by Swagy & Mr.Solo (Press F9 (250k to create business squad))
- New modded hud (N>Settings> Modded hud To enable or disable )

Wednesday, 2016/10/05
- added /stats instead of F9

Tuesday, 2016/10/04
- Crafting + Drugs lab in LS fixed
- Added back punishments panel (You will receive punishlog by logging in the server or getting staff punishments) /punishments
- Added AV access in F6 > AV Tab (+Manager can allow/disallow member from using AV)

Monday, 2016/10/03
- Added new setting in phone to enable/disable group blips N>Settings>Disable group blips
- Adding new code to prevent doublicate saving weapons in order to keep weapons table safe from loss

Saturday, 2016/10/01
- Interiors respawn on death fixed (You are no longer teleport from city to another)

Friday, 2016/09/30
- Radar disk shader will be changed by user choice from (N>settings>Hd Modded Radar)
- Speed cam on highway ticket max speed increased +180kmh
- Paramedics & Firemen are no longer tickted for Speed on roads
- Added back information panel (Smith Extensive Documentation) by Smith

Thursday, 2016/09/29
- Added new effects for Cocaine (Eye of Eagle) you can see who's behind wall
- CSGO Information: Event based on rounds (3 rounds) : Win 2 rounds to be winner [Reward :$20,000] Event will be available every 20 minutes
- CSGO Tdm Event released at LS White House /csgo

Wednesday, 2016/09/28
- [Trade system] You must own the weapon to be able to buy ammo for it
- Added Drug house store for LS Stores Robbery

Tuesday, 2016/09/27
- Added new Blip (S) belongs to store robbery (White means store isn't robbed yet & Red means the store is already robbed)
- Store robbery rewards depends on store type 1 fuel can + rob cash or 200 Ammo of M4 + rob cash
- Added 2 new stores for stores robbery (Fuel station & Grove Ammunation stores)
- Added Sit talk in misc animations F7
- Use /armorevent to check Armor delivery event time

Monday, 2016/09/26
- Disabled RPG,nades,satchels in Armor delivery zone

Sunday, 2016/09/25
- Added IRC block in the forum.

Saturday, 2016/09/24
- You can open scoreboard (tab) if you are in login panel!
- Maths tasks now hold 2 new questions, Experienced and Division. Prices also increased a nudge.

Friday, 2016/09/23
- Drugshipment zone fixed LAW can be damaged by criminals!
- Drug store will be opened for 5 minutes instead of 10 minutes
- Added Anti spam for buying drugs from Drugstore
- You can remove you 1 star if you have less than 15 WP (/payfine) payment will be depends your wanted points WP*350
- /payjailfine fixed

Thursday, 2016/09/22
- Changed forum theme to NewBalance. (Darkness)

Wednesday, 2016/09/21
- Now regular members in irc (-v) can use !ts
- The Armor blip has been changed to (White flag) , the Armor will be dropped from the player if he left LV city
- Increase player FPS (Removed FPS dropper code) your PC will reach 60 instead of 45

Tuesday, 2016/09/20
- Fixed ammunation ammo limit for RPG,Javelin
- Removed medickit drop function
- Fixed delay on taken/saving medkits is no longer fall back to 0

Sunday, 2016/09/18
- Phone money fixed you can send more than 9 mil

Saturday, 2016/09/17
- Removed most online today and most online ever because it's bugged.
- Staff CoC in staff complaint.
- New Barriers system /addbarrier 1/2/3/4/closed/left/right for barriers ! /removebarrier ID or /removeall (Dioxide)

Thursday, 2016/09/15
- Developers academy is now open, the purpose is to help both the community and the players who would like to learn to code, you may apply here: and do know you do not have to know how to code to apply, the moral is to teach not to gain. You also do not have to be a staff member to apply, it's free for everyone!
- Developers academy is now open, the purpose is to help both the community and the players who would like to learn to code, you may apply here: and do know you do not have to know how to code to apply, the moral is to teach not to gain. You also do not have to be a staff member to apply, it's free for everyone!

Wednesday, 2016/09/14
- Once you die in events hosted by staff or mini-games you will respawn to your old position.
- New mini-game event (SW) Ships War added

Tuesday, 2016/09/13
- Glue'ing to vehicles upon request and GUI panel to owner is now available, you cannot use the feature whilst wanted/in a vehicle/in Mechanic job. Use /glue again to unglue. Read completed suggestion thread for more information.

Monday, 2016/09/12
- Wife is able to change between spas and knife depends on distance
- Wife can throw beer bottle when the player is running to evade killing
- Fixed users online today in the forum (Darkness)

Sunday, 2016/09/11
- Added Wife for donors ($10) private donors (Current VIP can't get it unless he/she pay for it)
- Added misc for vehicles /door 1 or 0 to enable or disable vehicles door open method (Up or normal)
- NOS can be bought only from Mechanic job (Removed from modshop)
- Radio turf position name added in F11 with flashing lights (Red & Blue) SW,SE,NW,NE
- You will get 50k each 1hour for eid!
- Armor is now fixed (Dropping it inside water or using heli attach mode will result in reset Armor position)

Saturday, 2016/09/10
- If the criminal had NT and wanted ofc , the Cop will be able to hit him 3 times if the 3 attempts went successfully within 5 seconds it will lead info jailing the criminal
- Added new command to signout from Mini games /leave
- In order to check TopCriminal Event use /dmtime
- New CnR events (Bank Robbery & Terrorists Attack) Gameplay info added inside the lobby
- Vehicles Slot are now 15 instead of 10

Thursday, 2016/09/08
- Added [youtubelink[/youtube] again! (Darkness)

Wednesday, 2016/09/07
- New F1 rules panel added
- The FGM Javelin (Heatseeker RPG) made its entrance in the game. You can find it at Ammu Nation.

Tuesday, 2016/09/06
- D
- Removed that script which auto mutes anyone who say anything, because it's shit and MTA developers can't make Siri (Epozide)
- Edited scoreboard color for Scareface Crew, since the black is shit to scoreboard.

Monday, 2016/09/05
- Added Supervisor duty for staff team (Frenky)

Saturday, 2016/09/03
- Regular members in forum won't be able to see staff applications or even apply. (Epozide)
- Added Eren07 back to the staff team (Epozide + Darkness)
- Removed the newBalance theme in order to readd it with fixed version (Epozide)
- Fixed the website title instead of being "https blbalba" (Epozide)
- Added the old F1, because this one was cancered (Epozide)
- Fixed mechanic NOS, you can buy NOS from mechanics. (Echo)
- Mechanic can fix your vehicle even if your vehicle exists in same city that you are in and no need to be close to it. (Echo)
- Required time to fix a vehicle has been added and depends on vehicle health. (Echo)

Friday, 2016/09/02
- Fixed online web scoreboard (Epozide)
- Name of suggestion creator or bug reported will be added beside developer when reporting or suggesting implemented thing (Epozide)
- Fixed /updates delay and it will outputchatbox once added.
- Fixed Don of lv skill speed on attacking turf
- if you lost weapons just die to get them again

Sunday, 2016/08/28
- Added a new trade system(F10)

Saturday, 2016/08/27
- IRC is back, use and port: 6667 #echo chanel to join.
- Smurfs are no more official due to their unreported inactivity.

Tuesday, 2016/08/23
- Added clothes seller job, go to SF and see Shirt blip it has red circle in middlem, more jobs are coming soon!

Monday, 2016/08/22
- You will get from the trash collector job 40$ for every time you clean an area instead of 5$
- Turf bags money is now x2.
- Mini Games events DD and Shooter /eventtime to check event starting time.
- Fixed armor bug in weapons shop!
- Fixed player stats in the forum

Friday, 2016/08/19
- Added weapons binds, you can bind like: /bind key weapon name then you must do /kill to make it work!
- VIP Forum ranks have been adjusted according to the new upcoming VIP System

Thursday, 2016/08/18
- Deathmatch has been readded in Los Santos/San Fierro. Cops can't damage unwanted criminals unless criminals shoot at them first. Civilians are unharmable.

Wednesday, 2016/08/17
- BR, MR, HR are back!
- BR, HR, MR are coming back

Tuesday, 2016/08/16
- - You will get score and money from events (like old system).
- Chatbox is back for young poster.
- Best Cop and Best Criminal added.

Sunday, 2016/08/14
- Added a new LVPD (mapp)!
- Added Best Cop, you can check F11 or Check the LSPD
- A Script will automatically refund you of the 30 millions lost for the Hydra.
- Hydra has been removed!
- Anti- spamm for satchels has been removed!

Saturday, 2016/08/13
- Officials groups are The Smurfs, Team 9, SWAT and Military Forces. Congrats!
- Police Chief Management restyling has ended.
- Groups Forum Plates will be removed according to Official Groups rules. For refund send a message to Darkness.
- Forum plates has been changed.

Friday, 2016/08/12
- Events can now be hosted by all staffs.
- Anti-spamm in main chat is changed to 3 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
- Updated F1 panel.
- 150 hours only are now needed to apply staff.

Thursday, 2016/08/11
- Poker is added in LV.
- Hydra will be removed tomorrow from the shop, if you have one take screenshot and send it to Darkness or Philip,
- Official Groups are back and will be chosen soon.
- [*]Armed Vehicles, Group Color, Forum Ranks and Restricted Areas are for Official groups only, and requestable in the respective Official Board.
- Event Manager duty will be applied to all L2+ Staffs
- Added a new streets (HD) and hospital.
- VIP will be disabled for few days until we finish the new system.

Wednesday, 2016/08/10
- Tool system has an interval, means that you won't loose 12k each time u break the tool
- Instead of getting 3Wanted points on breaking the tool, you'll loose 12k
- Added New tool system, if you broke it you'll get 3 wanted otherwise wait untill Tool worker check you
- Forum is rearranged and updated, server is undergoing major modifications
- Added users logged in today - Forum

Monday, 2016/08/08
- VIP era for non donators has ended. If you've the donator forumship in forums, PM Epozide to get permanent vip access with your level. If you've donated too, PM Epozide.
- You can't transfer VIP to another player.
- Added new rule with letter C in number 12
- Fixed an abusable group bug. When demoting / promoting members, their groups panel will be refreshed to avoid abusing old rights.
- You will no longer get score from events, plus Events Managers application center will be opened soon for public players.
- Decreased the drugs price at original drugs store, you should really buy from it as it's too cheap now.

Monday, 2016/08/01
- Criminals can no longer use /cmine while tazed.
- Fixed the bike anti dm bug in LS and SF.
- Cops can no longer use vehicles used shop when they have arrested criminals.
- Players can no longer buy armor when openening duel panel, plus increased armor price because it was like free.
- Removed USAF skin from clothes shop
- Removed Buy VIP button from forums and added buy APS. In August, when you buy APS, refer a friend to get the same amount for free. (August only)
- Fixed /updates. You should no longer get the annoying false message.

Sunday, 2016/07/31
- New accounts will no longer get free 215 APS. Stopped giving free 100K per hour.
- Fixed a bug that normal PayNSpray was talking APS too.
- Added APS PayNSpray with APS HUD color and written on it 1 APS at it's top.
- Fixed a huge exploitable bug when converting APS + Banned abusers and resetten accounts for other abusers according to the amount they abused.
- Fixed a bug in delivering armor/flag that you were not getting some rewards.
- VIP hours will not be converted to money
- Delivering the armor now gives 10 APS
- Top Criminal now gives 215 APS to the winner.

Saturday, 2016/07/30
- Do /convertaps to convert your APS (Aurora Points). Convert your VIP hours as soon possible, because VIP is going to be permanent for donators and we will cancel converting VIP hours function. APS shops will be released soon. APS will be free for the first week of release date.

Friday, 2016/07/29
- Fixed transfering APS bug.
- APS amount will now appear in HUD, take care of your APS. It's too valuable.
- Do /sendaps name amount to send APS (Aurora Points) to another player.
- Improved AUR ban system and made it more secured and harder to be avoided
- Fixed Rescuer Man ranks bugs.
- Updated group ranks to Member, Steward, Manger, Deputy Leader and Group Leader. If you found any bugs, don't hesitate to report them at forums.
- Increased law timer because of much complaints about the little timer.

Thursday, 2016/07/28
- Restricted the website shoutbox from Young Poster rank.
- Added APS (Aurora Points) SYSTEM Alpha version. Every new player will have 215 points until the release. More information will be released day by day. Keep tuned!

Wednesday, 2016/07/27
- You can now request group skin change, for more information visit group stuff topic.
- Fixed 80+ map bugs, great thanks to our community mapper Tach!
- Added new rule, for more information visit forums or open F1 in game.
- Returned shoutbox back, follow the forum rules to avoid getting banned.

Monday, 2016/07/25
- Removed the rule that players with less than ten hours can not talk in mainchat, because many players wanted that.
- Added some codes to prevent cops entering the bank after dying.
- Fixed Military Restricted Area timer bug.

Sunday, 2016/07/24
- You won't be able to chat in PCHIEF or CBOSS chats when global muted.
- Fixed some radar "speed cams" fake speeds.
- TeamSpeak is working again, join us at
- Groups can now request in game scoreboard color. For more information visit the groups stuff topic in server groups board.
- Removed Help Desk rank, so we consider "Probationary Staff" is our first rank.

Friday, 2016/07/22
- Changed RT blips in Radar
- Staff applications center has been opened, check forums if you want to join us :)

Thursday, 2016/07/21
- Fixed online players button in forums
- Cops won't be able to enter BR after killed, if tho, please report in bugs section.
- Players can't warp to events while being wanted and shooted(chased) in same time.

Wednesday, 2016/07/20
- Removed sounds like "double kill" because it may stop someone's heart if his speakers volume is high
- Fixed /updates since it was not showing anything

Tuesday, 2016/07/19
- Do /bounty to place bounty on a player
- Players are not able to enter other interiors when they got shoot for seconds
- You can now upload forum avatars with 200*200 size instead of 100*100

Monday, 2016/07/18
- Fixed EG problem, connect to mtasa://
- Added Top 10 Flag Robbers in forums
- Added the amount of flags you delivered in stats panel for law and criminal stats
- Changed armour event name into Capture the Flag. It now notifies all players when it's dropped.
- Fixed forum problems with some browsers

Sunday, 2016/07/17
- Removed special access from Military restricted area

Saturday, 2016/07/16
- Highest four government ranks can now spawn mavericks
- Decreased arresting timer and it depends on distance from your position to jail

Sunday, 2016/07/10
- Added IG / Forum rules in website, check Community Forum board.
- Suggestions board now appear for all people.
- Increased the jail time when criminal quits while arrested, also increased a bit the poilce payment in this situation ( still not full payment )
- You can't recover the car if you are being killed to avoid abuse
- Our website is now SSL certificated
- Increased Trucker Job Payment to a suitable price.
- - Added CBoss rules and guidelines in F1 {Info panel}
- Added pchief rules and guidelines in F1 {Info panel}

Friday, 2016/07/08
- Fixed the bug that you get gym GUI when you step in certain weird locations.
- Increased Rescuer job payment to the double.
- Fixed job locations at phone maps and updated all LS locations
- Fixed Taxi job bugs.
- Updated top 10 donators according to VIP levels. If you can't see your VIP Level upgraded in game while you are in page, contact us. Also forum ranks applied on donators.
- VIP ranks are applied on donators.
- Added VIP level prices, you're getting the level when you complete purchases by the required price. Donators will get the level in few hours.
- Added 4 VIP Levels, everyone has its own functions. For more information visit our purchase page.
- You can now know your VIP level from /vip
- Getting jetpack is for VIP level 5 only. More information about levels will be released soon. VIP levels will be added, also.
- Converting VIP money is back to $10000
- You can't duel with armor, because of abuse.

Thursday, 2016/07/07
- You can now do /lock to lock your job vehicle
- Fixed group skins bugs
- Updated water colors
- Fixed the bugs after you deliver armor.
- Improved police computer tracking. If is criminal in house, it informs you, but you won't get a certain location.
- You can no longer grab to a heli while holding armor
- Finished police chief and criminal boss new rules. More information will be released soon.
- When a player reconnects or quits in event, in his next login, he will find himself out of event and in main dimension.
- Pchief will be stopped until new rules and stuff be added. Pchief and CBoss will start together in same time

Wednesday, 2016/07/06
- Increased default peak prize and it now gives score
- Converting VIP will be for $10000 instead of $1000 for EId (24 hours only)
- Happy Eid, You're getting 50 VIP hours every hour staying online. If you're online for 24 hours, you're getting 1200 FREE HOURS! Invite your friends and don't miss it!

Tuesday, 2016/07/05
- You can't VIP teleport while holding armor
- Players can no longer enter interiors while holding armor in their hands
- Military Soldiers only have the ability to wear gas masks.
- Improved TS3 minimum security level
- You no longer have to use contact us page to get help, just press help button, and make a topic. We will help you in fastest way.

Monday, 2016/07/04
- Edited forum menu buttons for better easy support to players
- Fixed the bug that players could do /kill while bank robbing
- Fixed glue bug when dying.
- Prevented shooting while driving cause of complains of players

Sunday, 2016/07/03
- Every group now has the right to request the restricted area function, visit group stuffs topic for more information.
- You can now conquer bases, it's the mapper's responsibility to close the base.
- VIP players can now teleport to each city once every 10 minutes.
- RPG bug has been fixed
- Criminal Bosses are removed until new rules be done by the community leaders. In short, you can't force anyone to be a cop or criminal with the server powers.

Saturday, 2016/07/02
- Added new forums theme and style.
- Increased pilot job payment
- Fixed Taxi Driver job
- Fixed shooting from cars bug
- Edited staff rules to be more friendly with players. We care about playing fair and fun.

Thursday, 2016/06/30
- When a player in a group gets kicked or leaves his alliance will be gone.
- Removed city hall and added blips to every civilian job. Edited the marker shape and edited some codes to increase players FPS

Wednesday, 2016/06/29
- Firefighters are now able to distinguish fire in safe zones

Monday, 2016/06/27
- Added RPG mod, don't worry, it won't affect your FPS
- VIP players can now open the ATM without going to one, just do /vip :)
- Changed VIP hours exchanging price.
- Improved some MySQL stuff, that may lead into less lag and NTs. Thanks to Noki.

Sunday, 2016/06/26
- Players can now shoot while driving
- Law people can deliver the armor without getting wanted points, other teams get.
- Delivering armor now gives you more 10 free Rocket Launchers
- Improved bikes anti cheat system.
- Fixed Bike Jump bug when entering it.
- VIP hours will be converted for only $1,000 after some days or hours. Please if you have some and want to avoid losing, convert them or save them. Up to you.
- Improved Bank Robbery, it now opens once every 10 minutes. It gives criminals 50k when operation is done. It gives criminals $2500 on the cop kill. Cops get from 50k to 75k when they save the bank. Do /banktime to know the time
- Cops can no longer taze players in Radio Turfs
- Added RT blips and gave turfs bags more value.

Saturday, 2016/06/25
- Global muted players can no longer use /me function
- Added Tunisian rules in info panel, written by Smiler.
- Fixed turfs and RTs
- Added some TS3 information in the right block of the website
- Removed punishments appeal section, since there is no /punishments in game
- Tazed players can no longer enter vehicles
- Tazed criminals can no longer access interiors
- Using is fixed once again.

Friday, 2016/06/24
- Updated rules panel, and improved punishments system in the VFC part, thanks to Noki.
- Updated scoreboard in game and forums
- Updated RTs blips (stable ones)
- Updated all forum settings to give the best performance to our players
- Fixed website scoreboard
- Removed customblips as it's the main source of lag.

Thursday, 2016/06/23
- Fixed forums and improved it's stability.
- Fixed shooting in protected area bug
- Fixed water damageproof abuseable bug, thanks to Aizen.
- Modified jobs blips for less lag.
- Modified hostages mission blip for less lag.
- Removed the modern HUD, because it shows that it takes 10% CPU from core i7 users clients. We left the FPS/Ping in the current hud to avoid annoying players.

Wednesday, 2016/06/22
- Updated PHP configuration for less problems in website
- Jailing people now gives the cop same money as LV in any country, and even more bit fees.
- Added group base respawn and armed vehicles features to public groups. Terms of use are stated in the topic. Removed requesting job and skills, but you can still request skins for the half price
- Military's Hydra has its own special colors.
- Improved government job with a new military soldier job and added vehicles to SAPD Government job, also added some moded skins to jobs.
- Military Forces has it's Hydra back
- Removed kill arrest in LS

Tuesday, 2016/06/21
- Returned turfs back by the decision of head staffs
- Removed a lot of turfs outsite LV city ( nearly desert ) to make it harder and more interesting. Increasing criminal acitivity leads into increasing number of turfs.
- Added a topic in forums about removing official groups from the community, see it!
- Removed VIP rapid transport
- Removed City from scoreboard
- Hydra vehicle can't shoot in AREA 51
- Improved water graphics
- Removed live support chat, since no one uses it.
- Updated "Users logged in today" function in forums with less bugs
- Updated forums hosting. Now, there is no more lag cause of forums / web functions. DDoS attacks are less effectable on the website. Support us by your donation in order to keep improving
- Fixed online scoreboard in forums and every MTA function
- Decreased main chat anti spam system time

Monday, 2016/06/20
- Returned staff roster back after some modifications
- Added new teaser/silenced mod

Sunday, 2016/06/19
- Website will be under maintenance for a bit of days, thanks for being patient.
- Increased main chat anti spam time
- No one will be able to see staff roster except high ranks.
- Updates / Announcements will no longer be released with names.

Friday, 2016/06/17
- Fixed a lot of police computer bugs, one missing.
- Added permanent personal skin to be purchased by $7.99 for the first week only! (The discount ends in 24/6/2016)
- SAPD job is added to public government team

Thursday, 2016/06/16
- Probably, fixed aiming bug
- Unoccupied people will no longer be able to kill civilians
- Improved punishments and ban system
- Improved Trains and Transport system
- You can no longer spawn VIP car while gluing
- Added more secured codes to safe zones script in order to get rid of abusable bugs
- Increased turf money bag reward and it will take more time for the money bag to appear in turfs.
- Removed Tear Gas skill from criminals
- Added kill-arrest function in LS
- Increased cops jail prize to the double

Wednesday, 2016/06/15
- Fixed vehicles damage proof bug, thanks to Zed
- Cops can no longer arrest criminals in Radio Turfs

Tuesday, 2016/06/14
- /night has been changed.
- Added guidelines for players with less than 50 hours

Monday, 2016/06/13
- Changed day and night effects
- You can no longer reload weapons while aiming
- Admins answeres will be more clear in support chat

Sunday, 2016/06/12
- Added some if checks in stats panel to avoid useless errors
- Fixed ending/starting shift problems for official law groups
- Now buying explosives when you have a explosive adds to that explosive
- Fixed Taxi Driver location in phone maps
- Press F9 to open stats panel
- Added new stats panel, it will be more updated soon (Risk.)

Saturday, 2016/06/11
- /me now doesn't show to everyone, it works like local chat!
- "GTFO & STFU & Fuck off" are considered flaming or insulting in player complaints
- Improved command anti spam and reload script to stop annoying players
- Improved bone_attach script to a better one, hope it works better
- Removed useless blips in LS

Friday, 2016/06/10
- Fixed GYM GUI bug
- Updated the medkit moving argument to a modern one without bugs
- Removed /punishments, more information will be explained soon
- Suspended Hunter from Military Forces for 7 days

Thursday, 2016/06/09
- Removed lotto
- Cops can no longer use barriers while not on duty
- If you ended shift with law job with skills, you will get skills back when starting shift.
- Fixed AT information dx bug
- Fixed some bugs in criminal mines
- L3+ Staffs can now remove appealed punishments
- Fixed nightstick and paramedic spray bugs when ending shift
- Fuel canister now gives your vehicle 50% fuel instead of 10%.
- You won't be able to use /kill in bank
- Fixed abusable water bug
- Updated phone maps
- Removed motel robbery until the new one be done.

Wednesday, 2016/06/08
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to use any kind of weapons in vehicles
- Admins can now force rule breakers to read rules by their panels

Tuesday, 2016/06/07
- Edited spamming rule, open F1 to see it!
- Your group should have at least 15 members and 10 of them are active to get a group board.
- Players with less than 15 hours will no longer be able to use main chat
- Added support team page in website, you can use it to reset your password, reset your pin code, hacking case or other problems. Spamming mails lead into total ignorance from our team.
- Increased the highway speed limit from 120/150 km/h to 180 km/h
- Wanted players can no longer enter VIP cars
- Edited moon size to be more realistic
- Edited sky color

Monday, 2016/06/06
- Removed ATM Pin and lost accounts topics for a period of time, until we do improved system.
- You can no longer kill yourself in pickups marker
- You're being frozen instead of kicked when spamming commands for two seconds
- Added commands anti spam, you will be kicked whenever you spam commands or binds
- Fixed /quiz for admins, no more bugs for it.
- Jailing criminals in LV now gives the same money as in LS and SF!
- You can no longer change your nick while muted.

Sunday, 2016/06/05
- Fixed jetpack bug, and removed some prime abusable commands
- Vehicles will no longer get damaged in safe zones
- Fixed police computer marking radar bug
- Removed house inventory system, after longtime, we decided not to return it back.
- Server will stop random kicking from now, but you can expect some freezes when you packet loss.

Thursday, 2016/06/02
- Fixed a huge abusable bug by using packetloss lags (JBoy)

Wednesday, 2016/06/01
- Hurry up, get your weapons, drugs, and money from houses. It's being removed in few days.
- Removed Cafe chat area
- Added a hundered of map bug fixes
- Help Desk is a new staff rank instead of supporters. It can only warp and punish players. It can not get any duty unless promoted to [L1] Staff. Staff rank number is [L0]. We will choose three random helpful guys in order to add them.
- Added new staff rank called Help Desk, new information will be released soon.
- Fixed release animation bug when vehicle explodes
- Edited duel arena location (requested by players)

Tuesday, 2016/05/31
- Fixed a lot of bugs, and removed fuel from bikes. Thanks to Tyner!
- Armed Forces is now a semi official law group, time to prove themselves.
- You can no longer do /duel in protected areas
- Updated VIP Panel design
- Removed VIP masks, because they're a total mess
- Added a modern RPG anti spam
- Modified LS All saints hospital
- Fixed fisher man job

Monday, 2016/05/30
- Fixed Medic job (missions)
- Added new LS Hospital
- Fixed the turfing system
- Fixed the returning damaged vehicles with health
- Improved mail servers, it may be down for 48 hours due to MX records change
- Facilitated VIP features
- You will no longer get wanted points shooting at civilian workers
- Fixed rescuer man ranks bug
- Fixed two ammunation bugs
- Added a professional anti cheat script
- Fixed a bug in the ammo shop(it used to kick any player who buys ammo)
- Removed rob atm function

Sunday, 2016/05/29
- Added /helpme to request a staff help in an easy way.
- Decreased satchel anti spam timer

Saturday, 2016/05/28
- Fixed seasparrow bug. Players were not able to shoot with it after exiting it and returning back.
- Removed gangstag job
- Fixed /payjailfine abusable bug

Friday, 2016/05/27
- Fixed satchel anti-spam, can only be thrown every 3 seconds now. (Metall)
- Paramedics and Firefighters will no longer fines when passing limited speed by vehicles
- Returned suggestions board for Senior Poster or (+), don't suggest to remove the restriction.
- Decreased drugs prices in drugs store
- Removed infernus mod
- Decreased Spaz price and increased clips
- Removed mobile payments as we don't feel comfortable with this company.
- When donating, you have now a place to enter your account name to get VIP sent to it in a fast way. If you didn't write it right, that may occur problems.

Thursday, 2016/05/26
- Added TOP VIP rank to the forums
- Fixed some civilian job bugs
- Finally fixed FPS lag, also when you open F11, you will no longer get FPS lag.
- Changed the cursor key to X, notice: VIP button on your left at the bottom of the screen.
- Press LALT then VIP icon to open VIP panel
- Members at forums can now create their own custom title instead of requesting it.
- Only staff leaders can use warp player to function
- Updated purchasing VIP page and the way to access it

Wednesday, 2016/05/25
- Added SAPD restricted area
- Official law groups will get their own scoreboard color if they're in Government team
- Fixed glue abusable free vehicles bug
- Improved official criminal jobs system. 1)No more blips will appear 2)Ped gets group skin 3)No more bugs when getting job
- Fixed official groups non saving skins bug
- Updated vehicles hud, designed by Noki.
- All punishments are converted into minutes instead of seconds
- Fixed police computer bug, now you can determine if is criminal in vehicle or foot.
- Fixed two animations bugs
- Fixed the Hydra lag explosion bug
- Fixed turfs bags visiblity bug

Tuesday, 2016/05/24
- Fixed pilot arriving players job
- SMS has no longer ring tones
- Updated members forum ranks to Aurora Version, designs are made by Hunk

Saturday, 2016/05/21
- Added satchels anti spam, you can throw one satchel every three seconds.
- Weed is added to the drug list. It gives the ability to jump higher.

Friday, 2016/05/20
- New weed will be added these days. Anyway, when you use weed, you will be refunded until we added new one.
- Removed weed due to its weak functions and abuse.
- Returned old Rescuer job requirements back

Wednesday, 2016/05/18
- Updated server statue in the top of forums, and removed the bugged game-states one.
- Added Facebook mark page on the upper right at our website
- Added about seven new countries to pay by mobile, and more will be added soon.
- Players can no longer see scoreboard without logging in
- You no longer have to reconnect when buying a walking style
- Fixed some walking skills bugs on player login.

Tuesday, 2016/05/17
- Removed /stats since IPB shows that it takes 290,000 kb memory / second, and that makes FPS worst. New one will be released soon!

Monday, 2016/05/16
- Added a simple eject script by Noobledore
- Fixed aiming bug when aiming at SAPD or MF.
- Fixed an abusable bug, which criminals could get lag to be released.

Saturday, 2016/05/14
- Removed car wash, because it just lags client and useless
- Increased the damage of AK-47
- Updated /stats to a better version, enjoy your stats!
- Released FBI job for public cops, go to government job to use it.
- You can no longer use barriers while running, due to abuse.

Thursday, 2016/05/12
- Updated the Facebook page design and information!
- Fixed scoreboard, "Criminals" team counting number has been fixed.
- Removed [MF] and [SAPD] protection tags.

Wednesday, 2016/05/11
- You can no longer shoot by Hydra if it's destroyed.
- Fixed a bug that civilians were not dying in water
- Fixed the spam of hydra shooting in LS/SF
- Removed LVPD from safezone area due to lame suggestions
- Fixed 24/7 shop abuseable bug, thanks to Hunk
- Fixed an abusable wanted points bug, thanks to MaxiL
- Added anti spam for Hydra, no more spams :) (Envy + Epozide)

Monday, 2016/05/09
- Added new blips for hospitals, and removed paramedic's jobs ones
- Replaced civilian job blips with default MTA one for less lag.
- Removed the restriction of SF ship area.
- Removed the annoying white flash from the trafic camers street system
- You can no longer send money by ATM due to abuse.

Sunday, 2016/05/08
- Fixed Pilot job payments
- LVPD now is a protected area
- Alliance leaders can now control some settings, because founder may be offline some times
- Fixed some map bugs by tachscreen
- Military Forces team no longer has special abilites to hydra due to abuse
- Added and Configured Teamspeak Server ( (James)

Saturday, 2016/05/07
- SMS command is no longer case senstive. It means you can sms anyone using /SMS or /sms
- Added a new LV hospital, mapped by Envy
- Armor Deliver gives 40,000$ instead of 25,000$

Friday, 2016/05/06
- Added Mappers team on forums
- Military Forces team can shot by hydra in LV, LS and SF.
- Reduced Spaz ammo price to 710$ per clip!
- Added Pay by Mobile feature to buy VIP
- Fixed a satchel abusable bug, thanks to Veer for reporting it!

Wednesday, 2016/05/04
- Fixed Ecstasy bug that used to show your health as 20025
- Added a new good looking and light infernus mod.

Tuesday, 2016/05/03
- Removed bus driver job, and we are going to improve civilian jobs!
- Added QA system on forums for developers, applications will be opened soon.
- Criminals no longer get wanted when aiming at cops in LV.
- Fixed some houses bugs with trade panel, and renamed GUIs.
- Removed a bit of IG rules and edited some to make the game more fair.
- Ban appeals topics have been renewed with a new format, some new rules to be more fair.
- Changed L6 rank to Leading staff instead of Administrator!
- Updated VIP prices to more economic ones, check for more info!

Friday, 2016/04/29
- Fixed RPG losing bug when reconnecting
- Players can now hold 100 RPG instead of 10
- L4+ staffs can now removed / return back a player punishment.
- Players no longer get wanted near RTs, and that solved the problem of arresting criminals in RTs and making it more fair.
- Removed Casino, because why it does even exist ?
- Fixed the tunning shop markers
- Added Trade panel for weapons, press F10 to open it! If you found any bugs, don't hesitate to report them.

Thursday, 2016/04/28
- Equalized the prices of shotguns at ammunation.

Wednesday, 2016/04/27
- Law barriers are able to be broken.
- Edited some phone icons, and removed some useless stuff from settings.
- CO will be the new official criminal group!

Tuesday, 2016/04/26
- Added a new mod loader that won't make you feel lag.
- Remove police shield, cause it was abusable.

Monday, 2016/04/25
- Clothes shop bug is fixed
- Added the Code Of Conduct at Staff Complain board at forums

Sunday, 2016/04/24
- Fixed some minor RT bugs

Saturday, 2016/04/23
- Created custom VIP Donation page with VIP Features (James)
- Returned old MTA GUI login panel back
- Fixed an animation system bug

Friday, 2016/04/22
- Advertising price is edited, now it takes $100 for every player watching the chat!

Thursday, 2016/04/21
- Added the ability for FBI to use barriers
- SAPD now can join the Bank Robbery event!
- Added Programming Board at forums!
- /payjailfine now depends on your jail time not your wanted level, so when you wait more at jail, you pay less.
- You can no longer pay jail fine for an admin jail

Wednesday, 2016/04/20
- Drugs crafting now gives you the half new drugs instead of the quarter of them!
- Cops will no longer get wanted points when shooting non wanted criminals!
- Added new turf area beside NorthWest RT.
- Decreased the jail second for $100 only.
- Added /payjailfine for wanted criminals to pay fine and get out of the jail instantly!

Tuesday, 2016/04/19
- Added Ballas as the first official criminal group in AuroraRPG!

Monday, 2016/04/18
- Added new FB Page block at forums with FB HTML codes!
- Added new animations system

Sunday, 2016/04/17
- Decreased FPS limit for lag to 5, since a lot of people complain.
- You no longer need to press Refresh at F3 to get the newest vehicle stats!
- You can now turn on/off craft blips by Phone
- Added Police Commands tab at F1
- Players can no longer fight with +500 Ping or -20 FPS.
- Fixed HR for SAPD members

Saturday, 2016/04/16
- Fixed a bug that SAPD couldn't be able to enter the Area-51
- Fixed glue bind bugs, press "x" to glue, and jump to unglue!
- Staffs can no longer warp, give themselves (HP or Armor) while not being on duty!
- Mechanics can no longer shoot with hydra, due to abuse!

Friday, 2016/04/15
- Advertising now costs $5,000 in game money.

Wednesday, 2016/04/13
- Decreased the required number of RTs taken at government job for levels!
- Removed fuel blips, because it makes a mess on map!
- Fixed a bug that players could put [AUR] tags before they login to use them!
- Fixed the craft code bug of giving error codes when you write right ones!

Tuesday, 2016/04/12
- Finished the online scoreboard and released the final version
- Added markers for the drugs crafting to make it more clearer to be seen!
- Added many positions and blips for the drugs crafting at LS!

Monday, 2016/04/11
- Cops can no longer jail criminals using BMX or vehicle with one seat!
- Added a sea turf near to the CO base!
- Added new effect for cocaine
- Cops can not hit criminals with nightstick after the release by 3 seconds.

Sunday, 2016/04/10
- VIP players can now glue to vehicle, but wanted players can not!
- Answering the quiz gives you one score point
- If you get / lose money, you can see this modification on the right bottom of your screen!
- Fixed GYM markers bugs, if you found more, don't hesitate and report them!
- Hydra can now shoot rockets at LV only!
- Fixed the quiz bug, now the winner of quiz takes the money!
- Groups can now request a forum rank, for more information visit the group stuffs topic at forums!
- Replaced old VIP car by a new sexy Lamborghini!
- Updated login panel, removed forget password button, since it's a way to change the player password if you only know the mail, and updated GUI background!

Saturday, 2016/04/09
- Cops can no longer kill non wanted criminals in LS/SF
- Added an update log panel. Type /updates to open it.
- You can change your Hydra's color from the paint shops.
- Added Anti DM script. Criminals can not kill cops, until they aim on them or they're having wanted on LS/LV. Civilians are not able to kill or be killed. If unemployed or unoccupied tried to kill anyone, they be criminals. Rule of DM has been removed. If you're punished for deathmatching, appeal to get it removed!
- Replaced Lumberjack vehicle job by a better one
- Added rank of taxi driver job at /stats
- Added Bugs report section on forums
- You can now send vip hours to another players by using this command ( /sendviphours name amount of hours )
- Added TOP 10 DONATORS on website, they have the highest VIP hours!
- Added Online Support at our website!
- Your vehicle will VIP recover by some distance because of abuse
- You can not VIP recover your vehicle while being wanted
- Updates logs have been added on forums

September 16, 2017, 04:04:39 pm by Belov
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Welcome to AuroraRPG!

The fact that you're reading this message shows me and everyone else that you've made it on forums. Probably to apply for a group of your choice or maybe to just get on track with the community. Registering into forums is a great way of getting involved with the community as you can meet more people who play in-game, and you can also make your name. Apply for a gro...
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