Registration Agreement

By registering to this forum, you must agree to the following rules:
1. Inappropriate behavior is not allowed. That means insulting/provoking/flaming/disrespecting someone will lead into a forum mute.
2. Double posting is not allowed.
3. Don't post useless posts in suggestion board, or you will be muted in forums. For example "+1 brings rp""good suggestions"etc..
4. Always read sticky topics before posting or unfortunately you may face forum punishments.
5. Never use caps in your whole post, for example don't post like this : "I WANT TO REPORT A GUY"
6. Don't name or mention other server names, that may lead into a forum ban or a complete mute.
7. Being racist leads into a permanent forum ban that can not be appealed.
8. Never spam the forum with useless posts or try to farm posts.
9. Use English only while posting in the forum, except in Languages Boards.
10. Sharing illegal things/items or sexual stuff leads into a permanent ban.
11. Posting in a complaint that you are not involved in leads into a forum warn.
12. Don't post to annoy members or share bad atmosphere in site, just play fair and be good.
13. If you are a board moderator, you aren't allowed to delete/remove topics without a permission.
14. Don't destroy a board because you faught with the founder, result in a ban!

If you broke a single rule you might get a warning, muted, or banned on this forum.